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Divorce is a painful time for the parties dissolving their union. In the course of the process, the stress and hurt and anxiety caused by the legal proceedings can obscure a parent's view of how it all impacts the children. A child custody lawyer will help you protect the welfare of your child, during the process and for the years that follow, through application of child custody law to your child's benefit. The divorce lawyer will represent your best interests, for the present and through the trial period to the final decree.

You need the best representation as you wade through the confusion of financial disbursements, property distribution and every other decision that has to be faced.

AT Sammons, Olivero & Paraschos we also specialize in Death and Personal Injury cases in Cabell County, WV. The tragedy of unexpected and unpredictable death causes shock and grief that for many is debilitating. And yet, at such a time as that, we need to be brought into the case, and permitted to arrange full investigation while circumstances and witnesses are fresh. The most difficult thing to have to do when you've lost a love one is to act quickly. But, in the case of car accidents, or other death cases, the sooner we have access to the details, the better we can gather evidence for a better outcome.

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