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About Sammons, Olivero & Paraschos

Our family law attorney is your best friend as you face the challenges that take you to a family law court. The troubles can include legal separation, divorce, child custody, domestic violence, and a plethora of other struggles you may be facing in your family.  Even something as simple as changing your name can be handled by us.

We serve Cabell County, Wayne County, Lincoln County, and Putnam County, in addition to our own hometown of Huntington. Please call for a free consultation. We want to hear about what your concerns are and what you are we promise to not look at our watch and tell you your time's up!  We're here to help, so call and set a time when we can get together and talk this through.

Neglect & Abuse Cases

Neglect and abuse cases are heart-breaking for everyone, and our family law attorney aggressively provides representation that will gain you the best outcome the law provides. We know how to take legal steps to provide protection fast, and to remove the victims from the household. .

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Among our favorite types of cases are adoptions. When divorce is rampant, and couples who once loved each other are tearing each other apart so often, it's a joy and a pleasure to join together a child who is alone and the parents who love them. Sometimes the child is a newborn baby, and sometimes the child is a teen or even a young adult.



Guardianship cases are also rewarding, when one person seeks to care for another. We can help to make this process as seamless as possible and provide recommendations when the guardianship includes other complex issues not addressed by family law.